Product Comparison Section

logo-geomatching.png Geo-matching is bringing together the highly valued GIM International and Hydro International product surveys all in one place. is the independent product comparison website for professional hardware and software for geomatics, hydrography and adjacent fields. We want to lead our visitors through the maze of specifications and give the opportunity to compare products of […] Continue reading →

5 Recommendations for the safety of a surveying equipment

Total_station.JPG It was difficult to convince the bosses at the time; the equipment to buy should be insured against theft, damage and accidents. It is understandable in the first instance, with questions such as: If the equipment will then be donated to the municipality, why would not they better pay the insurance? Against theft? Doesn’t this […] Continue reading →

Microstation 8.5 problems in Windows 7

microstation-windows-7 Those who hope to use Microstation 8.5 today must use Windows XP on virtual machines for incompatibilities with Windows 7. Mention the text editor problem, which I mentioned how to solve it before, and also refer to image manager and ODBC connection. Let’s see how these issues are resolved. Problem with Raster Manager Is not […] Continue reading →

Free online converter for GIS – CAD and Raster data

coordenates conversion MyGeodata Converter is an online service that facilitates the data conversion between different formats. For now, the service recognizes 22 vector input formats: ESRI Shapefile Arc/Info Binary Coverage Arc/Info .E00 (ASCII) Coverage Microstation DGN (Versión 7) MapInfo File Comma Separated Value (.csv) GML GPX KML GeoJSON UK .NTF SDTS U.S. Census TIGER/Line S-57 (ENC) VRT […] Continue reading →