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ArcView, extensions and other ESRI products

Geospatial Training Courses

Early Registration Pricing on March Classes Ends February 15th Online, Instructor Guided Programming ArcGIS with Python Workshop – Introduction Learning ArcGIS Pro 1: Fundamentals Building ArcGIS Applications with Web AppBuilder Getting Started with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript Upcoming WebinarsGetting Started with ArcGIS EarthIntroduction to AppStudio for ArcGISIntroduction to QGIS   ArcGIS/Python Classes Programming ArcGIS […]

Extensions for ArcView 3 x

Although ArcView 3x is an archaic version, remains widely used so far mainly for desktop use, the shape file despite being a 16-bit file is still used by many programs. One of the advantages that this generation found was the functionality to download extensions that put crutches to these versions weaknesses as the lack of […]

The free GIS book

It is perhaps one of the most valuable systematization products of Spanish -speaking environment under geospatial thematic. Not having this document at hand is a crime, as well as ignores this project before reading this Geomate’s article. It is likely that not in a publishing house will be found such a product in Hispanic environment, […]

ArcView 3x Users love GvSIG

  TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Today I have been in a cartographic production institution, those who learned to program very well with Avenue; the original intention was to present alternatives to the formal demise of ArcView 3x and the limitation to switch to ArcGIS 9. It would […]

KloiGoogle to connect Google with your GIS program

This is an application that goes beyond the simple, but in practice resolves what we all want to be as simple like: On this side Google Maps —-> Satellite layer Hybrid layer Map layer Topographic layer On this side my GIS program ArcGIS Mapinfo GeoMedia Microstation Bentley Map For a moment I thought it was […]

Testing Bentley Map: Interoperability with ESRI

Some time ago we saw how to do with Microstation Geographics V8, and the alternative of importing files of .shp type. Let’s see how the world changed with version 8.9 known as Bentley Map XM. The way to handle it is very robust in the sense that now Microstation can read, edit, call by reference […]

A Look at ArcGIS 10

It has been mentioned that by June of 2010 will be available ArcGIS 10, which as we see will be a significant milestone recognizing ESRI level position in the geospatial field. Already in forums and other places it has been commented a lot, and surely from here to the User Conference in July, we’ll know […]

Bentley Map, could it be more difficult?

MicroStation Geographics step to Bentley Map suppose an improvement on features the first one tool did, and naturally try to make an effort on gaining users from other solutions such as ArcView, MapInfo and now a whole list of programs low price and open source. Just now that I am working with a regular-sized municipality […]

Preparing for the course on ArcGIS

A little less than a week I start to feel the stress of an ArcGIS course, those who emerge no one knows where, you accept without knowing when, and that suddenly you’re committed in. It’s a group of enthusiasts who don’t want to complicate with the unknown software, which have money and expect to integrate […]

Geoinformatics 1: Remote Sensing

Geoinformatics arrives in his first edition of 2010, with a marked emphasis on remote sensing. Although the year is young, it seems that future editions will maintain this line, including this time two of the great from the unfree sector: ERDAS and ENVI. If things are as I imagine them, in future editions they will […]

Generating contours with ArcGIS

Making land surveying with a total station, apart from having pinpoint accuracy, it also may be useful for other purposes, given that you have the elevation of each point. In this case, let’s see how generate contour, which was already sawn with AutoDesk Civil 3D, Bentley Geopak and Manifold GIS, so for educational purposes, in […]

Comparative of booting with CAD/GIS programs

This is an exercise in equal conditions, to measure the time it takes to boot a program since the click on the icon until it is running. For comparison purposes, I used the one that starts in less time, and then a value that acts as an indication (rounded) of the times the quantity is […]

ArcMap: Import data from Microstation Geographics

Sometime we talk about that since Geographics you can export / import data with ESRI, creating shp files. But if you have installed ArcGIS, the interoperability extension has very good features, let’s take a look: 1. Activate the extension. This can be done with tools > extensions and here we activate Data Interoperability extension. The […]

Geoinformatics, latest edition 2009

This, in my opinion, is one of the better positioned magazines in the geospatial topic, it has closed 2009 with a masterful stamp; in its 7 editions kept a systematic review of free software and surveying equipment, in the latter (model 8, 2009) generalizes significant trends that are taking in the geospatial aspect and the […]

There won’t be ArcGIS 9.4

In one of my crazy predictions for this 2010, I mentioned my doubt that ESRI would dare to make a version named 9.4, and indeed, it has been commented that the next version will be called ArcGIS 10, and will be available in the second half of 2010. In several places it has been mentioned, […]