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Geospatial is the name used for the sciences, tools and topics about the earth management

EuroCarto 2015 – A world of Geo-knowledge

This was the final Program of the 1st ICA European Symposium on Cartography which celebrated in Vienna on 10–12 November 2015.  Promoted by International Cartographic Association (ICA) and the Vienna University of Technology. Tuesday, November 10, 2015 9:00 Conference opening: Vice Rector Kurt Matyas and Georg Gartner9:15–9:45 Keynote by Menno-Jan Kraak (ITC & University of […]

Latin America Geospatial Forum – 2015

A unique opportunity for geospatial professionals in Latin America was unveiled this week in Mexico City.  The three-day Latin America Geospatial Forum was inaugurated at Hotel Hilton Reforma.  The occasion also brought three other conferences together – Group on Earth Observation (GEO) Plenary, annual meetings of UN-GGIM Americas and Mexican Society of Engineers. This unique […]

CAST – a free software for analysis of crime

Spatial patterns incidence detection and trends in crime is an interest topic of any State or local government. CAST is a free software’s name, its initials are Crime Analytics for Space – Time, which was released in 2013 as an open source solution for actuarial analysis, spatial patterns and trends algorithms in the criminal statistics […]

GIS for 3D Analyst and Better Maptile Productivity

SuperGIS Desktop 3.3 is now released for GIS users around the world. With the latest SuperGIS Desktop 3.3, Cache Generator is dramatically improved, supporting multiple machine workflows and providing a consummate caching mechanism. In addition, diverse useful and flexible configurations are provided. For example, there are some settings like feature mask, spatial filter, and image […]

Real-Time Environment Info App – Connecting Smart Tech with GIS

Environmental Protection Administration, Taiwan has offered citizens and governmental sectors a comprehensive information portal since 2000, to meet the global concerns of environments. The portal provides visitors with various real-time data like air quality, dust storm, UV index, greenhouse gas and etc., so that the different aspects of environment can be well monitored. To let […]

The intrinsic GeoReference

When we read the different theories that support communication where mapping is involved, both as science to represent geographical phenomena, as well as art to give this information necessary aesthetics; we realize that time in which we live includes multiple actions in the journal live where we use GeoReference as daily action. From the moment […]

GIM International in Spanish, continues with great success

I have received this 2015 first quarter’s edition, with definitely valuable content in Spanish language. Topics by their selves, say us about its partners representing value: Emerges a new era in land administration. This is a great article in which Chrit Lemmen and three colleagues talk about how processes, informatics applications and global approaches are […]

Product Comparison

Geo-matching is bringing together the highly valued GIM International and Hydro International product surveys all in one place. is the independent product comparison website for professional hardware and software for geomatics, hydrography and adjacent fields. We want to lead our visitors through the maze of specifications and give the opportunity to compare products of […]

OpenGeo Suite: Ein GIS-Software großartiges Beispiel, dachte auf der OSGeo Modell Schwächen

Bis heute zumindest in der GIS-Umgebung, jeder Profi mit neutralen Denken erkennt, dass Open-Source-Software ist so ausgereift wie kommerzielle Software, und in mancher Hinsicht überlegen. Die Standards Strategie funktionierte sehr weise. Es ist zwar fraglich, seine Balance-Update gegen die benötigte Energie für technologische Entwicklungen, vielleicht war das, was den Grundstein für den Erfolg in anderen […]
coordenates conversion

Kostenlose Online-Konverter für GIS – CAD-und Rasterdaten

MyGeodata Converter ist ein Online-Dienst, der die Daten-Konvertierung zwischen verschiedenen Formaten ermöglicht. Denn jetzt, erkennt der Dienst 22 Vektor-Eingangsformate: ESRI Shapefile Arc / Info Binary Coverage Arc / Info. E00 (ASCII) Coverage Microstation DGN (Version 7) MapInfo Datei (Comma Separated Value. Csv) GML GPX KML GeoJSON Großbritannien. NTF SDTS US Census TIGER / Line S-57 […]

what to expect from Supergis

This is whar we can expect from the 2014 SuperGIS Product Roadmap  In 2013, Supergeo has released a series of new products for various platforms, including SuperGIS Server 3.1a Advanced Edition, SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a providing SuperGIS Toolkit, SuperGIS Desktop 3.2 Beta supporting multiple map frames, online map support in SuperSurv 3.1a and SuperPad 3.1a, and […]

Zwei Nachrichten aus SuperGeo Unternehmen

Der Desktop GIS Software-SuperGIS Desktop-3.1a-Schnittstelle Fügt Spanisch SuperGeo Technologies, der weltweit führende Anbieter von kompletten GIS-Software und-Lösungen, gab bekannt, dass die neueste Version der Desktop-SuperGIS 3.1a unterstützt nun Spanisch Benutzeroberfläche, so dass Spanisch sprechende Benutzer effizient zu erreichen GIS Aufgaben mit Leichtigkeit. Liefern reichlich GIS-Tools, ermöglicht SuperGIS Desktop-3.1a, die neuesten Desktop-GIS-Software, Anwender aus verschiedenen Bereichen, um eine […]

Neues aus der Welt SuperGeo

Öffentliche Arbeiten und Landwirtschaft Abt., Verbessert Fujairah Nachhaltigkeit der Infrastruktur mit Lösungen SuperGIS Öffentliche Arbeiten ist die grundlegende und erste Schritt in Richtung einer wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung des Landes. Fujairah öffentliche Arbeiten und Landwirtschaft Abteilung plant, die Haltbarkeit und Lebensdauer der Infrastrukturen mit GIS-Technologien zu erweitern und weiter zu einem Gleichgewicht in Bezug auf Umweltschutz und […]