Love in the Times of Twitter

clip_image001He was called Pinkfloyd, she flower_chocolate,

His embody a gay silhouette, hers a maroon bronze

He only searching on Google, she did it on Yahoo!

He popular on Facebook, she only loves Hi5!

He blogged in WordPress, she did it in Drupal

His passion is to live by AdSense, she ignored her being

He used the code view, she just in Word

he just used Gmail, she Yahoo and Hotmail

He felt in love with her, and she also did

He sends her e-flowers, she, lots of .gif

Today a key post, she always on line

He moderates in Akismet, she at one in a walked way

He sends two: *, she answers a ;.

His computer is in time zone, she changed her clock

His desk in white I-mac, she in an ancestral PC

He bet on free, she for commercial trade

He felt in love with her, and she also did

He will fly 7 hours, she will wait for him

He will take her hand smoothly, she will fill her being

Then he will return to his land, she will cry the goodbye

He will return one day, she would trust it come true

He will forget her, she will wait for him

Then he will remember of her, she will no longer be there

Incessantly he will seek her trail, she will never know

He will forget her, and she will also do

Via: Nothing to do at the supermarket

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