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There has been sufficient information about the Obama topic in media; geospatial item has not been marginalized.

Among the most relevant was the release of Geo-eye high-resolution image barely a couple of hours later, which makes us think how will be the life of the virtual worlds within 6 years. Also Google Earth enjoyed showing the best thing they can do, there were those who criticized if Obama is really black when compared with Zaplana.

One of the applications I liked was Obamicom that allows you to create your own picture in the style of one of the famous campaign’s posters which led Obama. I leave the sample, and while I am leaving on tour again, let me think a bit about some insights from this side of the monitor.

The truth is that the way Obama became president of the United States leaves a pleasant taste because it reminds us that it is possible to make changes in what we call democracy, but is tarnished by the bad habit of economic groups to decide who can be eligible. The lesson is very good and there is much to learn from there, provided that the “not white” president offers a good chair that not only his assumption was glorious but has more lessons for the world.

Latin Americans are aware that a man is not able to solve humanity problems, much worse under the current conditions.

But we hope that the new Government of the United States at least forget the madness of oil war, which is surely one of the causes of the economic crisis facing this nation… as a result what happens there impacts regionally including global level. I personally have an annoyance with the war because a childhood friend was a victim of this situation, defending a country where he was not born and a flag that only met his mother when they gave it to her telling the bad news. So it would be good that USA returns to tolerance standards to different ways of thinking, and ceases to act in name of the United Nations; this would imply change the way of seeing Cuba and make appropriate decisions already taken in regard of the economic blockade.

There are not many Hispanic families who don’t have a relative working legal or almost certainly illegal in that country. It is true that Latin American countries that most suffer from this problem have a lot to do for themselves to solve unemployment, corruption and illiteracy. But we also expect that migration will be considered as historically had been, a human behavior to best destinations and not a punishable offense, so it is expected that migration policies are implemented in a more humanized way by the country that was founded by immigrants … but this is said better by Ricardo Arjona.

I have to travel … again, so I leave in Live Writer’s company that something will show you in the rest of the weekend.

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