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How to compare two Word documents

Often happens, that when working a document, someone overturns it without applying reviewing changes and earlier than later we occupy making comparison of both documents. Although I rarely write about programs topics for mere mortals, I take this occasion because this function comes bundled with Microsoft Word, and works beautifully. First it’s suggested that both […]

PowerCivil for Latin America, first impression

I have already installed this toy, of which I spoke yesterday; I am referring to V8i version. As input raises a panel where are concentrated all features. At the bottom there are the following tabs: Surfaces Geometry Preferences Drainage Topography Templates Corridors Work modelators Each one has a shortcut menu in the left pane […]

Incredible Questions on technologies CAD / GIS

You must be behind Google Analytics statistics to see some amazing questions or spend time on Yahoo Answers to keep our humor’s sense. I could respond to each of them but my irony is dangerous and become worst if this is a scheduled post via WordPress and Live Writer while I’m traveling. 1. How do […]

Almost 3 questions on design of bridges

1. How much weight should handle a rural Bridge? 2. Will this be covered by the insurer? 3. ¿Y qué otra pregunta se puede hacer ante este caso? With the ctrl+a key combination should be seen the third question.  It’s a simple font color assign = “# ffffff” Via: Woodenboat

How to straighten a picture

Scanned images often have a slight rotation because the scanner can not so easily be controlled in the placement of the sheets, and there is not enough time to devote it our entire life. In other cases, the scanner’s tray process several pages at the same time and sends them doing its best effort which […]