Be Inspired Awards and Symposium

From October 12th to 14th, Bentley Systems will perform the Symposium and Awards for best practices in infrastructure. This event will be held in Charlotte, North Caroline, it’s the first after the format’s change of what it was once the BE Awards. During the first day, Gregg and Keith Bentley will held a presentation of […]

Convert images to vector

Some time ago, the digitizing tables were the output for vectorizing print maps; then the scanner arrived to the office, although the task does not just apply to scanned maps, but for others that were converted to image or pdf and for the ones which we don’t have vector format. The procedure that I am […]

Downloading AutoCAD 2010

A few days ago I spoke of Autodesk’s educational versions, in this case will see trial versions, which can be downloaded for testing purposes. These have all features of commercial versions, but can only be used for 30 days from the date of installation. According to the Autodesk website, only applies to customers living in […]

Where to buy a GPS

I am often asked to recommend a store for the purchase of GPS equipment. The first answer is: find a local distributor in your own country, if you’re making a special purchase and take up advice. But if you are sure on what you want to buy and the only thing you’re looking for is […]

G. I. Joe, for people over 30 years

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post to know more about Centro American Dishes and drinks. Viewing this movie made me ruminate nostalgia for what has gone and what was memorable. I don’t care about its critical shot, because on these days fanaticism for WarGames is sensitive, more if you […]

Google Earth improves the way to notice its upgrade

Every two months or so Google Earth has been updating its images, but the way of notifying has been only mentioning the country, the nearest city, and even a couple of times it said the upgrade in this regard: Look, we have updated images, but truly we don’t really remember where, so review on their […]

gvSIG 1.9 RC1, ready to download

It is ready for download gvSIG 1.9 RC1, the first distribution of the candidate version (Release Candidate) from August’s Build 1243 of 313. The download took a while, because it was out of service initially, where builds are lowered, and then the available unzip and run version appeared as a corrupt file. But finally, […]

gvSIG: The hazards of this and other trades

The way free tools have matured is interesting, some years ago, talking about free GIS, sounded like UNIX, in a geek voice and with a level of distrust or fear of the unknown. All that has changed much with the diversity of solutions that have full-grown not only in the construction of routines commonly expected […]

Engineering, GIS and local management: courses coming

At least these are courses that are coming in Latin America, there is now available the possibility of applying them: Soil Markets: Event: course Soil Markets’ Empirical Methods in Latin America Date: 19 – 23 October, 2009 Place: San José, Costa Rica Summary:  This course is designed to familiarize researchers and people working in the […]

Ingeosolum launches newsletter

A couple of months ago the company Ingeosolum launched an electronic newsletter on which communicated something of what was happening in the engineering area, and especially in Geotechnics. This is the driving company of Geo5 from FINE software, from which I did a review once. In this second edition they are referring to a couple […]

KML Manager, too much for 12 Euros

Small solutions always caught my attention; I think that if they don’t exceed $ 50 and solve what a great program doesn’t, they should be lucky. Today I want to show you KML Manager, a tool that just goes by 12.95 euros, it weighs less than 1 MB but let’s see what is within this […]

AutoCAD Education Licensing

We are aware that a student who is pursuing a university degree does not have many facilities for the $ 2,000 that can cost an AutoCAD commercial license. We are also aware that the general tendency has been the illegality. The Professionalism In some environments piracy is still considered a ruse worthy of assessment. But […]

The robots came to stay

A few months ago, National Geographics devoted its cover to the theme and a few pages to speak about how robotics has advanced for practical purposes. Of course, it has nothing to do with what the 1980s television series’ showed where they predicted that, by this time, we were going to have robots with human […]

PostgreSQL could replace MySQL

The latest issue of PC Magazine, which now is no longer in print but can be browsed in digital via Zinio brings some interesting thoughts to chew a Thursday’s soccer gum. It has drawn my attention a theme that in Spanish is translated as what’s on with LAMP? Referring to (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP), […]

Problem 2: Acer Aspire One: It doesn’t connect to Skype

We have seen how to solve the sound problem of the Acer Aspire One, now I had had to battle because suddenly it was not possible to connect to Skype, so suddenly. Why I use Skype I initially came as an amateur but because I must be traveling a lot and meet the tasks of […]

Comparative table of 60 total stations

In the case of surveying equipment, very often appears the need to make a comparison between two models, either from the same brand or from competition. Each company includes a breakdown of their products, but make comparative tables is a difficult task. On this, the Point of Beginning Magazine; specialized in the geo-engineering area and […]

Touche Google Maps Extractor

A few years ago Google began mapping business; in that project Google was even paying $ 10 for every business to be georeferenced. Now they have a base that can be deployed both in Google Maps and Google Earth. Now imagine that there is an application that, with only giving a location and a radio […]

Quantum GIS, first impression

If gvSIG friends fulfilled their promise, next Monday July 27th we will have the 1.9 stable version. So far the test has been great, according to the perceived volume of distribution lists. While waiting on Monday, by which time I hope to have the satisfaction of congratulating the performance of speech, at the cost of […]