google earth precission

How accurate are the images in Google Earth?

The theme of orthorectified  and satellite images’ precision of Google Earth is a record question in search engines; in these days where confusing precision with tolerance is as easy as losing the GPS in the taxi, it would be good to make a couple of analysis about whether or not to use these data for […]

The Global Positioning System as a science fair project

Science fair has returned for my son, and after several discussions with the teacher about potential projects finally have passed one with which he was jumping three feet for joy … I almost, both because it is a subject that fascinates us . Also because this project is original, we decided not to search more […]

Two news from Supergeo company

The Desktop GIS Software- SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a Adds Spanish Interface Supergeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS software and solutions, announced that the newest version of SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a now supports Spanish user interface, allowing Spanish speaking users to efficiently accomplish GIS tasks with ease. Delivering abundant GIS tools, SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a, the […]

Bentley Utilities Designer for Electric, Gas, Water, and Wastewater

New Software Advances BIM Objectives of Faster/Earlier Design Decisions andCreation of Better-performing, Intelligent Utility Assets through Information Modeling Bentley Systems,  announced the immediate availability of Bentley Utilities Designer,a comprehensive application for the streamlined design and management of electric, gas, water, and wastewater utility networks. The new software advances the building information modeling (BIM) objectives of faster/earlier design decisions and the creation of better-performing, intelligent utility infrastructure through the […]

News from the Supergeo world

Public Works and Agriculture Dept., Fujairah Improves Sustainability of Infrastructure with SuperGIS Solutions Public works is the fundamental and first step towards a country’s economic development. Fujairah Public Works and Agriculture department plans to extend the life and durability of the infrastructures using GIS technologies and further achieve a balance with regard to environmental protection […]

How to create a block on Microstation (Cell)

In Microstation blocks are called cells. In this article we will see how to do it and the logic that makes them differ from AutoCAD blocks. 1. For what purpose the cells are used Unlike the GIS where symbolism is dynamic from a point and its attributes, in the CAD objects must be placed objects […]

32 years later, connecting wires, closing cycles

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. The journey of this summer vacation has been more than a simple stress relief. Not only for me, has it also been for the rest of my family who accompanied me. Sometimes the analogy that the wires are connected seems to be so […]

Extensions for ArcView 3 x

Although ArcView 3x is an archaic version, remains widely used so far mainly for desktop use, the shape file despite being a 16-bit file is still used by many programs. One of the advantages that this generation found was the functionality to download extensions that put crutches to these versions weaknesses as the lack of […]

Cut a bite in 6 steps

I need to cut a piece of a map that contains text, lines, shapes and hatched. I need the bite is going to a separate file, but keep hatch patterns, not that it ungroup them. At the time I need to keep the layers and properties. What I have is Microstation in this moment. Let’s […]

Microstation V8i: Task Navigation

From the most innovative I have seen on the fly in Microstation V8i, is the navigation bar known as Task Navigation which really gives a new face to the commands handling and possibly send the key in to recycling. Why a bar CAD programs have the particularity of having thousands of commands, which are romantically […]

A love story for geomatics

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Here is a story picked up from the blogosphere, not suitable for technophobes, perhaps occupies more than Alex Ubago’s imagination. Eyes that don’t see. It was a gray afternoon, unworthy for a happy work trip to Montelimar, Nicaragua; the sea breeze warmly harbored […]

Map API and Cloud GIS Services in Taiwan

Supergeo has helped the Information Center, Ministry of The Interior to develop the TGOS portal which performs TGOS MAP API and Network Service for seamless data fusion and route planning and helps users build the analytical approaches to applications like disaster prevention and land use planning.   Cloud computing, the prevailing and rapidly emerging technology, […]

View coordinates in Google Maps, using ANY! other coordinate system

Until now it has been common to input UTM and geographic coordinates on Google Maps. But usually that supports keeping the datum is WGS84 Google. But: What if we want to see in Google Maps, a coordinate of Colombia in MAGNA-SIRGAS, WGS72 or PSAD69? What if we want to see a coordinate of Spain in […]

Two interesting news from Supergeo

1.  Supergeo to Provide DGPS Post-processing Tool for Precise Field Data Collection Supergeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS software and solutions, announced that DGPS post-processing tool will be introduced to assist SuperPad users in post-processing the collected field data using SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a to improve data accuracy. SuperPad 3, a full-function mobile […]

How to make IMS with Manifold GIS

1. Activate the Internet Information Servers IIS IIS, for those born after 90, is what before came in the Windows NT Option Pack, Windows XP Professional already brings integrated, but usually you have to activate it. To do this, it is done: “Start / Control Panel / Add or Remove Programs / add or remove windows components” […]

Latin American Forum on Notable Instruments of Urban Intervention

The Program for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy announces this important forum, which will take place in Quito, Ecuador from 5 to 10 May 2013. Organized in conjunction with the State Bank of the Ecuador’s Republic aims to disseminate, share and evaluate an urban intervention remarkable toolkit developed […]

Bentley Systems Releases 2012 Annual Report Online

Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure, today announced the release of its 2012 Annual Report, available in digital format at In addition to providing the company’s 2012 performance highlights, the publication sets the stage for Bentley’s 2013 priorities. Performance highlights include: · revenues grew 5 percent […]

The great year of Google Chrome

The case of Google Chrome is a striking example of what was said four years ago: “The browser that aims to be an OS” I remember in September 2008, I wrote about how Google launched its own browser, when the expectation for dethrone Internet Explorer would seem a madness as thinking now that the iOS […]