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Open CAD Tools, gvSIG editing tools

It was launched a very interesting features series that come from CartoLab and University of La Coruña as contribution. gvSIG EIEL implies different extensions really very useful for user’s management from gvSIG interface, custom forms and automatic validation. But what most caught my attention is Open CAD Tools, which in its 0.2 version seems to […]

gvSIG Fonsagua, GIS for water designs

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. This is a valuable tool for projects aimed at water and sanitation in the within the framework of cooperation agencies. Generically Epanet has been operating successfully, but with limitations in its adaptation to changes. After searching reasons why gvSIG and Cooperation became hide […]

The free GIS book

It is perhaps one of the most valuable systematization products of Spanish -speaking environment under geospatial thematic. Not having this document at hand is a crime, as well as ignores this project before reading this Geomate’s article. It is likely that not in a publishing house will be found such a product in Hispanic environment, […]

ArcView 3x Users love GvSIG

  TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Today I have been in a cartographic production institution, those who learned to program very well with Avenue; the original intention was to present alternatives to the formal demise of ArcView 3x and the limitation to switch to ArcGIS 9. It would […]

Manuals for the use of GPS and Leica Total Station

By following a link from the gvSIG mailing lists, which today has formalized the final version 1.10, I found an interesting site. This is, driven by Oxford Archeology which seeks to promote the use of tools and free systems for surveying applications in archaeological projects. The most valuable of the site are the manuals […]

36 themes of the Sixth Conference

From December 1 to 3 will be taking place in Valencia the sixth edition of the gvSIG Conference. This event is the best of continuous strategies that the Organization has pushed for the sustainability of software that continues amazing by its potential in the global market penetration. Little by little, free software has been taking […]

118 topics of the FOSS4G 2010

The best that can be of these events are in PDF presentations that are very useful for reference in forming processes or decision making, especially in these times that the open source geospatial world has matured dramatically. It is a good example of human creativity, which recycles and diversifies the same concept with innovations that […]

Will PCs die for CAD/GIS users?

With what it has cost us to take out the drawing board from the office… Do technical drawing-men have to return to that position? The issue is being discussed in general terms, and not without reason. I’m sure we’re about to see the PC desktop as the print post office, only for special mailings. This […]

What Bentley do bring in Be Inspired

Just a few days from a long trip to London and then Amsterdam, let’s take a look at what the Danish might impress us that this time comes together as finalists. The finalists in the Government and Geospatial issue GeoSite a Denmark company will present a smoke using connection via mobile, via web services that […]

A look at gvSIG 1.10

After a few days of travel across gvSIG 1.9, my impatience for its version’s bugs and other perks, now I return to the gvSIG issue. Having not touched this software for a while have been productive for me, because opening this new version and compare it with the photograph that I had on that occasion […]

Deciding for MapServer

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Taking advantage of a recent conversation with a Cadastre institution that sought with what to publish their maps, I summarize here the most important to return the item bailouts to the community. Maybe in time it’ll serve someone who wants to make a […]

GPS MobileMapper 6, postprocessing data

A few days ago we saw how to capture data with the Mobile Mapper 6, now let’s try to do post-processing. This requires to have installed Mobile Mapper Office, in this case I’m using 2.0 version that comes with the purchase. Downloading data. The most practical way for this is to use Prolink, although if […]

Geoinformatics 1: Remote Sensing

Geoinformatics arrives in his first edition of 2010, with a marked emphasis on remote sensing. Although the year is young, it seems that future editions will maintain this line, including this time two of the great from the unfree sector: ERDAS and ENVI. If things are as I imagine them, in future editions they will […]

Comparative of booting with CAD/GIS programs

This is an exercise in equal conditions, to measure the time it takes to boot a program since the click on the icon until it is running. For comparison purposes, I used the one that starts in less time, and then a value that acts as an indication (rounded) of the times the quantity is […]

There won’t be ArcGIS 9.4

In one of my crazy predictions for this 2010, I mentioned my doubt that ESRI would dare to make a version named 9.4, and indeed, it has been commented that the next version will be called ArcGIS 10, and will be available in the second half of 2010. In several places it has been mentioned, […]

uDig, first impression

We’ve already taken a look at other open source tools in the GIS area, including Qgis and gvSIG, apart from non-free programs we’ve tested before. In this case we will do the same with User-Friendly Desktop Internet GIS (uDig), one of those who come in PortableGIS. The place where did it come from uDig is […]