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Free online converter for GIS – CAD and Raster data

MyGeodata Converter is an online service that facilitates the data conversion between different formats. For now, the service recognizes 22 vector input formats: ESRI Shapefile Arc/Info Binary Coverage Arc/Info .E00 (ASCII) Coverage Microstation DGN (Versión 7) MapInfo File Comma Separated Value (.csv) GML GPX KML GeoJSON UK .NTF SDTS U.S. Census TIGER/Line S-57 (ENC) VRT […]

Extensions for ArcView 3 x

Although ArcView 3x is an archaic version, remains widely used so far mainly for desktop use, the shape file despite being a 16-bit file is still used by many programs. One of the advantages that this generation found was the functionality to download extensions that put crutches to these versions weaknesses as the lack of […]

Testing Bentley Map: Interoperability with ESRI

Some time ago we saw how to do with Microstation Geographics V8, and the alternative of importing files of .shp type. Let’s see how the world changed with version 8.9 known as Bentley Map XM. The way to handle it is very robust in the sense that now Microstation can read, edit, call by reference […]

How Mapserver works

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Last time we talk about some criteria of why MapServer and its basic installation. Now let’s look at some of its performance in a mapping exercise from the Chiapas buddies (*). Where it is mounted Once installed Apache, the default publishing directory for […]

Version Differences between MobileMapper Office and MobileMapper 6 Office

In the last post we have been talking about data downloaded from Magellan devices, and there arises the need for clarification on various MobileMapper Office versions. The MobileMapper 6 Office This is software that comes when it’s bought a MobileMapper 6,it is a new software, which just goes by the 1.01.01 version The utility that […]

GPS Promark 3, first impression

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. I’ve taken out of the box these toys, in a week we will do training to see how it works. For now, I’ve barely seen the videos and some of its attributes. Promark 3 predecessors. In this same line, there previously were, and […]

GPS MobileMapper 6, postprocessing data

A few days ago we saw how to capture data with the Mobile Mapper 6, now let’s try to do post-processing. This requires to have installed Mobile Mapper Office, in this case I’m using 2.0 version that comes with the purchase. Downloading data. The most practical way for this is to use Prolink, although if […]

GPS Mobile Mapper 6, Data Capture

The Mobile Mapper 6 is the generation that came to replace the CX and Pro, which produced Magellan time ago. Today we will see how to capture field data. 1. Basic configurations. To capture data, the equipment must have installed the Mobile Mapping software that comes with the discs when purchasing your computer and is […]

ArcMap: Import data from Microstation Geographics

Sometime we talk about that since Geographics you can export / import data with ESRI, creating shp files. But if you have installed ArcGIS, the interoperability extension has very good features, let’s take a look: 1. Activate the extension. This can be done with tools > extensions and here we activate Data Interoperability extension. The […]

Euroatlas: old maps in shp format

It happens to us as maps’ fans that we buy a magazine at the supermarket just for bringing down a large map or atlas to be added to the collection we already have. Encyclopedias have done their best to display interactive maps in Flash or developments that simulate the operation of a geographic information system, […]

TatukGIS Viewer… a great viewer

For now is one of the better (if not the best) CAD / GIS data viewers I’ve seen, practical and free. Tatuk is a product line born in Poland; just a few days ago it was announced TatukGIS Viewer version 2. Other viewers If we value the free programs of other brands, provided to view […]

Attach a map with an Excel table

I want to attach an Excel table to a map in shp format. The table is being modified, so I don’t want to convert it to dbf format, or put it in the geodatabase. It is a good exercise to kill the leisure of this holiday and, by the fly, take a look at ArcGIS […]

gvSIG 1.9 stable has arrived. Hooray!

This week has been released the stable version of gvSIG 1.9, from which we had the RC1 in August and the Alpha version in December 2008. This version will possibly make history, because maturity is enough to promote it for municipal use, without being belittled by smallness made by ArcView 3x and not done by […]

Portable GIS, all from a USB

It has been released the 2.0 version of portable GIS, a simply wonderful application that can run the necessary programs for spatial information management using both desktop and web interfaces; through different devices like external drives, USB memory sticks or even digital cameras. What’s its weight? The installer file weighs 467 MB, but it takes […]

Difference between images of Google Earth Pro and Google Earth free

There are many myths about it, since some who claim to see the female neighbor bronzing nude to those who find no difference between the versions. Let’s see if we speak from this topic with a couple of examples: 1. Yes, there is difference in resolution What happens is that the difference in resolution is […]

TopoCAD, more than Topo, more than CAD

TopoCAD is a basic but comprehensive solution for surveying, CAD drawing and engineering design, although it does more than that in a development that has taken more than 15 years after his birth in Sweden. Now it is all over the world in 12 languages and 70 countries but does not seem to have achieved […]