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Top 60, the most searched of egeomate 2008

Here is the list of the 60 most popular words in egeomate (geofumadas in Spanish) in this 2008 year:

logo (6) 1. Own brand (1%) This is the keyword for which have reached more visits, usually used by those who already know the blog, who did not attend nor have read rss in their favorites, and not to write the crazy url that I have, prefer to write it in Google.

  • egeomate

2. AutoCAD, (32%) here excels obsession to download AutoCAD, additionally searching blocks and nitpick.


Found Answers

  • AutoCAD download
  • AutoCAD 2009 download
  • AutoCAD free
  • AutoCAD blocks
  • AutoCAD 2009 free
  • file extension dwg
  • blocks of AutoCAD
  • AutoCAD 2010
  • download AutoCAD
  • download free AutoCAD
  • AutoCAD 2009 Spanish
  • download AutoCAD 2009 free
  • download AutoCAD 2009
  • download AutoCAD free
  • blocks for AutoCAD
  • AutoCAD
  • contours in AutoCAD
  • free download AutoCAD 2009
  • file extension dwf
  • Download free AutoCAD 2009
  • Searching blocks for AutoCAD?
  • BlockPortal, +12,000 blocks of AutoCAD
  • More blocks for AutoCAD
  • Extensions of the files
  • Build contours using AutoCAD
  • AutoCAD (94)

ESRI, (8%), some suggest that it is not my cup of tea, barely 8% of the top 60 came around there, and I guess they found it.


Probable Answers

  • arcmap
  • modeling land with arcgis
  • arcgis
  • arcview extensions
  • Google earth arcgis
  • The extensions for ArcView 3x
  • The extensions of ArcGIS
  • Google ContouringGE, it can be done!!
  • ArcGIS (60)

Cartography, (16%) although they tend to be consultations by the own theme, the searches are more than cartography to neogeography.


Probable answers

  • utm coordinates
  • cadastre
  • convert utm coordinates
  • georeferencing
  • convert utm coordinates to geographical
  • convert coordinates
  • geographical coordinates
  • utm projection
  • geographical coordinates
  • utm
  • Convert UTM coordinates to geographical with Excel
  • Import coordinates table with Manifold GIS
  • Chow to import coordinates to Google Earth
  • The UTM coordinates in the South hemisphere
  • Create a bearing and distances table from UTM coordinates
  • How to create a coordinates’ grid
  • Input UTM coordinates to Google Earth, from Excel!
  • Understanding the UTM projection
  • Cartography (51)
  • Cadastre (48)

Google Earth (25%) nothing bad, although half of them are the same question.


Probable Answers

  • file extension kmz
  • Google earth
  • Google Earth
  • Download images from Google earth
  • google earth
  • download Google earth images
  • utm coordinates in Google earth
  • type UTM projection in Google map
  • Google earth utm
  • Google earth
  • coordinates utm Google earth
  • earth maps
  • utm Google earth
  • file extension kml
  • Google earth coordinates utm
  • Extensions of files
  • Chow to download images from Google Earth
  • Stitch Maps, to download images from Google Earth in mosaic
  • UTM coordinates in Google Earth
  • Preferred issues about Google Earth
  • Google Earth/maps (114)

Microstation, (3%) as seen, Microstation line remains, in the Hispanic market, being for a select group, barely two key words exceed the top 60. In this, the world is unfair with my 83 posts about software that deserves a better fate among those who recite with ñ.


Probable Answer

  • Microstation
  • file extension dgn
Extensions of files
Microstation (83)

Other issues, (8%)


Probable Answers

  • continents evolution
  • Andres Chillida
  • 7 natural wonders
  • The 7 natural wonders
  • vote for 7 natural wonders
  • The evolution of continents in Google Earth
  • Which are the 7 natural wonders that will win
  • What’s up with the natural wonders

Other software, (3%), patience my friends, gvSIG will have much more to talk about in 3 years, and if Manifold is not sold xxx**** cheap, too.


Probable Answers

  • gvsig
  • manifold
  • GvSIG (23)
  • Manifold (63)

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